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Our decades of experience and strong expertise in design are our assets when it comes to high-quality tool manufacturing. Our company has years of experience with different kinds of manufacturing materials and production methods. CNC-Tekniikka manufactures progressive stamping tools and equipments with professionalism and precision. In our equipment manufacturing we manufacture customised devices and manufacturing lines, and help the customer to find the best and most cost-efficient production method for its products. CNC-Tekniikka is already involved from the customer's product development phase, which means that the manufacturability and cost-efficiency of the product can be optimised.

We invest in product development and innovation, and therefore promote the development of the customer's production processes. We have a high-quality and diverse range of equipment: we use the latest devices and state-of-the-art technology. Modern technology combined with decades of experience and expertise guarantee that our products are of high quality. CNC-Tekniikka meets the customer's requirements in the best possible way by offering products and production processes that are customised specifically for the customer.

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Jani Utanen
Tool manufacturing
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Reijo Vuorenmaa
Tool manufacturing
Assembly automation
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Miika Kosunen
CEO, Sales
Tool manufacturing
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Mika Nygård
Tool manufacturing
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