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CNC-Tekniikka can design a concept together with the customer from scratch, or the customer may already have a concept ready when they approach our company. The customer's concept often includes an idea for a new product that it would like to put into production and commercialise. Alternatively, the customer may have in mind a new manufacturing technology for an existing product, and thereby also a reduction in costs or increased production efficiency.

CNC-Tekniikka sets production development goals together with the customer and draws up plan for implementing the idea in production. The production or product concept is customised in accordance with the customer's needs. When developing a concept, we keep in mind the goals and targets the customer company wishes to achieve with the project. CNC-Tekniikka chooses the most suitable products and most cost-efficient production methods together with the customer. A working product development concept is developed in collaboration to achieve the customer's targets effectively and productively.


A plan of the product development phases is drawn up together with the customer, who is involved in the process right from the start. The product development phase consists of design, prototype manufacturing, and testing. The design phase assesses the customer's targets and the best possible way to achieve them. Suitable production methods are chosen together with the customer to meet the customer's product development requirements and to achieve the end targets.

CNC-Tekniikka also manufactures prototypes for the customer, so it is possible to see whether the products will meet the customer's requirements even before production begins. Products are also tested before they are put into production. All of these procedures guarantee the best possible end result for the customer's product development project, as the different phases ensure that everything is as it should be before production begins.

The product development process and its various phases are steered by the end user's requirements and the customer's market awareness of its own industry's products and competitors. The ultimate aim of the process is to produce sustainable and cost-efficient solutions that serve our customers profitably and appropriately.


In the final product development phase, the customer approves the product before manufacturing begins. Previous phases, such as prototype manufacture and product testing, are completed with care and precision to make sure that the customer receives a product with which she or he is genuinely satisfied.

Product approval is an important phase in collaborative product development, as it is at this phase in the process that we obtain a clear and comprehensive view of what the project has achieved. At this phase, we can compare the results from the project so far to the targets set at the start of the project. If the customer is satisfied with the product, and the product and its manufacturing methods meet the targets set by the customer, the product can be approved and we can begin to plan its mass production.


Once the customer has approved the product and its manufacturing methods, we move on to planning the mass production of the product.

Together with the customer, CNC-Tekniikka plans suitable manufacturing volumes and a production process appropriate for the materials and quality requirements. Cost-efficiency and quality assurance play a significant role in the process. Mass production can begin once all phases of the product's manufacturing process meet the customer's requirements and can achieve the targets set by the customer.


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