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CNC-Tekniikka has a long history of progressive stamping tool manufacturing and due to customer request over the years, we have also begun to manufacture precision components. Our strong skills with tools guarantee the effective and flexible manufacturing of even complex components without compromising quality. We manufacture customised components using the latest production technology and modern equipment to meet our customers' needs.

Years of experience combined with our company's quality extrusion process technology guarantee the high quality of our products. CNC-Tekniikka invests in product development and innovation, and offers the customer a full service from product design to the ready product. Our company meets the customer's needs in the best possible way by providing high-quality, customised components and their manufacturing processes in a cost-efficient manner.

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Miguel Garcia Carme
Component manufacturing
+358 (0) 40 551 0768
miguel.garcia-carme( @ )

Esa Palomäki
Component manufacturing
+358 (0) 50 405 3653
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