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We offer our extensive and diverse product development skills to customers for their various product development projects. We support the customer's product development projects throughout their different phases, such as product design, manufacturing technology design, product testing, and putting the product into production. CNC-Tekniikka's strong engineering expertise with progressive stamping tools and precision component manufacturing guarantees professional support for the customer's various projects involving the development of new products or new manufacturing methods for existing products.

CNC-Tekniikka supports the customer throughout the entire product development process. The product concept is designed together with CNC-Tekniikka, and the customer then approves the design. Internal product development includes prototype manufacturing, tool manufacturing, and testing. The process results in a production plan aiming at mass production that the customer can use to effectively and purposefully achieve the targets set for its project.


CNC-Tekniikka has over 30 years of experience in providing services to various industries. Our company's services include tool manufacturing, component manufacturing and subcontractor machining. We invest in product development and innovation, so we are able to take care of the implementation of your product from product development and design right the way through to the ready product.

We meet our customers' demands by offering products that are customised to individual customers. Our aim is to produce sustainable and cost-efficient solutions that serve our customers profitably and purposefully.

We have a high-quality and diverse range of equipment: we use the latest devices and state-of-the-art technology. Modern production technology combined with the solid expertise of our staff guarantee our products' high quality.


Miika Kosunen
CEO, Sales
Tool manufacturing
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Miguel Garcia Carme
Component manufacturing
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